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How CryptoBreeder works

CyptoKitties is a game on the Ethereum blockchain of buying, breeding and selling digital cats. You can make money by skillfully breeding kitties to create new traits (Cattributes). Cryptobreeder helps to identify which kitties are a match made in heaven by providing a glimpse into their offspring's likely cattributes.

  1. You input your CryptoKitty ids
  2. We fetch the genomes of your smitten kitties from the Ethereum Blockchain
  3. We generate a litter of 100 potential offsprings simulating the genetics of
  4. Our AI predicts the offspring's likely cattributes
  5. You get to know your best CryptoKitty breeding strategy

Get started breeding CryptoKitties

Simply input your CryptoKitty ids below and start the breeding simulator.

Your CryptoKitties' off-spring Cattributes

The table below shows the probabilities of each cattribute ordered by from highest to lowest. Fancy cattributes as well as an off-spring's probability to gain a mutation are marked with a badge fancy and will show up at the top. For your convenience we include the probabilities generated at Check them out for additional information.

kitty id mom
kitty id dad
Cattribute CryptoBreeder Probability Probability
Investigating... give it a second

The Science behind

We put together a comprehensive article exploring the game’s secret inheritance and Cattribute assignment algorithm. You can read the article on Medium.

From the findings, we created this webservice that uses Artificial Intelligence and Serverless Cloud Architecture to bring you super-smart and robust breeding recommendations for your CryptoKitties - free of charge.

For kitty breeding we implemented the algorithm described in the CryptoKitties GeneScience article.

Our machine-learning model that is used to predict the cattributes of the litter is updated on a recurring schedule. The most recent update and performance can be found in the latest status update:

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CryptoBreeder Releases

  • 14 Jan 2017: Predict if offsprings have a chance of random mutations
  • 07 Jan 2018: Kitty breeding algorithm implemented according to CryptoKitties GeneScience
  • 30 Dec 2017: Fancy kitty cattributes added
  • 29 Dec 2017: Service launched